Sr. Red Belt Stripe Requirements

1.  2 prior forms -instructor's choice (be sure to attend the forms clinic after testing and the Saturday morning             9:00am forms/instructor class to brush up on old forms ASAP)

2.  Recite the name and meaning of your pattern 

3. Choong Moo

4. Testing board breaks

5.  Cycle kicks

6.  Cycle Combinations

7.  2 on 1 sparring round

8.  2 min. round with Mr. Marin





Belt Testing
Wednesday April 8th
7:00 pm
Belt Promotion Cremony
Thursday April 9th
7:00 pm
Regional Tournament
March 14th
Richmond, VA
Contact Information

10015 Metromont Industrial Blvd.

Unit A

Charlotte, NC 28269




       Martins Taekwondo America (MTA)


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