Sr. Brown Belt Stripe Requirements

1.  Demonstrate:

     Won Hyo

     Yul Guk

     Joong Gun

2.  First 15 moves of Hwa Rang

3.  Hwa Rang

4.  Testing board breaks (one hand & one kick)

5.  Recite the name and meaning of your pattern

6.  Cycle Kicks

7.   Cycle Combinations

8.  2 min of awesome sparring





Belt Testing
Wednesday April 8th
7:00 pm
Belt Promotion Cremony
Thursday April 9th
7:00 pm
Regional Tournament
March 14th
Richmond, VA
Contact Information

10015 Metromont Industrial Blvd.

Unit A

Charlotte, NC 28269




       Martins Taekwondo America (MTA)


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