1st Degree Probationary

Black Belt Stripe Requirements

1.  New ready stance (ready stance "D")

     Double knifehand block (in a cat stance)

     Turning upward palm heel (land in a front stance)

2.  Double side kick (land in a back stance), reverse knifehand strike

     Crescent kick (from a front stance/landing in a sitting stance), back fist apon landing

     (from a sitting stance) double inner forearm block (moving only the back leg)

3.  First 20moves of Gwang Gae

4.  Gwang Gae

5.  Testing board breaks (One basic kick with each leg)  **no hands this time

6.  Cycle kicks

7.  Cycle combinations

8.  2 on 1 round, and 2 min. with Mr. Martin





Belt Testing
Wednesday April 8th
7:00 pm
Belt Promotion Cremony
Thursday April 9th
7:00 pm
Regional Tournament
March 14th
Richmond, VA
Contact Information

10015 Metromont Industrial Blvd.

Unit A

Charlotte, NC 28269




       Martins Taekwondo America (MTA)


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